Minexperts is a company that works worldwide aiming to facilitate collaborations between leading mining companies and contactors in all major geographies around the world. As skilled and passionate project managers and experienced liaisons between globally renowned suppliers and construction experts, we adopt a unique, professional approach that can guarantee high quality materials and win-win agreements aiming to add value and status to a project at the most effective cost.


Our goal, deriving from an excellent knowledge of the industry, is to bridge the gap and help our partners deliver or receive high-quality material at the most effective cost. Our approach is practical and driven by the needs of our mining clients. Mining is an increasingly complex sector because it usually involves big and demanding projects and the prices can be constantly changing or uncertain due to the complexity of this market. We are here to accomplish a successful matchmaking and assist you by applying an effective project management.

Our people

We have a team of experts ready to serve the needs of clients worldwide. Our group of experienced industry specialists will become your allies, your team and will work with you and for you succeeding to deliver the desirable results.